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Refurbished modern style entrance access hall by Eugene Foley Construction Limited
Modern bright clean lined access hall and stairwell.
Renew your home! As you grow into your home the needs and wants you place on it change. While there are lots of ideas on how to make your existing home work for you, sometimes you end up with no option left but to plan a refurbishment of your home to get what you desire. If your children have grown up and the once full of life play room is now sitting empty and unused or is there a room or space in your home that you would like to make more use of? Here at Eugene Foley Construction we can help you completely reform your home. If you want that luxury magazine finish to your home, then through a combination of innovative building ideas and quality skilled craftsmanship we will deliver your dream home. From simply removing an internal wall combining two small rooms into one large room, to completely refurbishing the entirety of the inside of your property, you can rely on us to deliver an impeccable finish to your refurbishment project. Refurbished perfectly formed washroom by Eugene Foley Construction Limited
Refurbished perfectly formed washroom.
Steel H Beam support being installed during a refurbishment, combining two small rooms into one large open plan living space.
Steel H Beam support in a new opening combining two rooms into one.
If you are currently planning internal work on your home and would like to discuss how the team at Eugene Foley Construction can help you fulfil your dreams, why not get in touch; we are always happy to help.
We offer a full comprehensive range of services such as passive home upgrades, internal structural work, plumbing and electrical upgrades to name just a few. We can also help in other areas as we work closely with a range of experienced architect's and other professionals and can put you in touch with someone you can trust to plan and guide you and if needed to manage your project also.
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